We have recently been successful in our application to become a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider for our local area! This new service will run out of our Coffs Harbour agency and will cover the surrounding areas. We are looking forward to providing this much needed, specialised service to help local workers recover at and/or return to work.

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Why Workplace Rehabilitation is so important

According to government regulatory body SIRA research shows that:

  • the longer a worker is away from work, the less likely they are to return to work
  • staying active after injury reduces pain symptoms and helps workers return to their usual activities at home and at work sooner
  • working helps workers stay active which is an important part of a worker’s treatment and rehabilitation.

Workplace rehabilitation services are usually delivered at the workplace, in consultation with both the employer and employee.

CHESS Vocational Workplace Rehabilitation Services

  • assessing a worker’s capacity to perform duties safely
  • identifying duties that will support improvements in a worker’s capacity
  • identifying options to help reduce work demands (including providing advice on equipment, job or workplace modifications)
  • identifying and addressing risks that may impact a worker’s recovery at/return to work outcome
  • implementing and monitoring a plan to achieve an agreed recovery at work goal

Businesses and insurance companies can get more information about our Vocational Workplace Rehabilitation Services by contacting us.

Workplace Rehabilitation Provider No 807 – NSW Government State Regulatory Authority