When working and collaborating with others, interpersonal relationships are very important.

Supporting positive staff relationships helps to build a more productive and cooperative work environment. Emotional intelligence is a valuable tool in creating collaborative workplaces both for management and for front line staff.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, evaluate and manage emotions in yourself and in others. – Good Therapy

There are 5 common principles to emotional intelligence:

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Regulation
  • Self Motivation
  • Empathy and;
  • Social Skills

Practicing emotional intelligence allows you to recognise your own emotional triggers and limitations and then use that awareness to self-regulate. It also gives you the empathy to understand and recognise emotions in other people and the social skills to meet their needs in any given situation.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Being aware of your own and others emotions and reactions and being able to manage these in a confident and professional way means you’re practicing emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Supporting staff to develop their emotional intelligence and build capacity for resilience and self awareness can lead to:

  • Greater productivity and engagement
  • Happier and more motivated staff
  • Better teamwork and collaboration
  • Improved conflict resolution
  • More initiative and innovation within teams and;
  • Greater loyalty from staff and customers

How to Support an Emotionally Intelligent Workplace

Creating a collaborative work environment that supports the wellbeing of staff doesn’t happen overnight. Promoting trust and mutual respect between staff and leadership is crucial to building motivated and productive teams.

These key skills are crucial to fostering harmonious and innovative workplaces.

  • Building capacity for resilience and self-care in the workplace
  • Identifying and de-escalating potential conflict situations
  • Developing ‘soft skills’ such as effective communication and teamwork
  • Techniques for nurturing an environment that encourages initiative and innovation

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