Mentally Healthy Workplace Workshops

Our Mentally Healthy Workshops help employers to collaborate with staff to educate and promote a culture of positive mental wellness in the workplace. We’ve used our 20+ years’ experience in both mental health recovery and employment to develop a strategic workshop, specially designed to support mental wellness in local workplaces. Our workshops are unique to your business, specifically tailored to address the needs of your organisation.

Mentally Healthy Workplace Fee Structure 2019

Benefits of a Mentally Healthy Workplace

  • improve staff morale
  • increase staff engagement
  • reduce staff turnover
  • improve interpersonal relationships among employees
  • reduce conflicts and complaints

Studies show that every dollar spent on effective mental health action in the workplace returns $2.30 in benefits to the organisation.

Mentally Healthy Workplace Fee Structure 2019

Workshop Structure

Support & grow well-being in your Leadership team & in yourself through:

•understanding stress
•active stress management
•reducing stigma
•understanding the link between life events, the brain & behaviour
•building resilience practices
•understanding the impact of workplace habits
•learning how to recognise when someone is unwell or struggling
•and much more!

Mentally Healthy Workplace Fee Structure 2019

Why CHESS Connect?

For over years CHESS Connect have been working with individuals and businesses to support mental health in the workplace. We use our specially developed ‘6 Pillars of Support’ to help reduce stigma, increase awareness and build the skills and confidence your management team and frontline staff need to create a healthy, productive environment where people want to come to work.