Our Vision

Our purpose is to develop collaborative relationships with regional businesses so they can build a workforce powered by people who are local, loyal and supported in the workplace.

Our vision is to continue to grow as an organisation, building our collective knowledge and resources to support the advancement of industry and reduce the youth unemployment rate in our region.

Smart, Skilled & Hired Youth Employment Program

Smart, Skilled and Hired is a Youth Employment Program that assists young people into employment. We work closely with local businesses who are interested in developing their workforce and employing young and motivated individuals.

Our Smart, Skilled and Hired services are FREE to employers who want to connect directly with young jobseekers and access ongoing support in the workplace

Our Supports

  • Job matching and recruitment support, ensuring candidates are work ready when they commence in your organisation
  • One on one support with a dedicated Employment Consultant to ensure the right fit for your business
  • Personalised post placement support to ensure the long term job success of the young jobseeker

Benefits of Hiring Young People

  • New Energy and Perspective: Young employees can bring fresh perspective and a different way of thinking to your business.
  • Workforce Development: Young employees afford you the opportunity to develop a workforce specifically trained to meet their organisation’s needs.
  • Affordability: More often than not, wages for a young employee are less expensive than those for an older more experienced worker.
  • Training & Apprenticeships: Opportunity for formal trainee and apprenticeships which can be of great benefit to both employers and young people.
  • Early Adoption: Hiring young people can have a positive and important impact in driving business forward in the adoption and use of new software and technology.

Why CHESS Connect?

For over 20 years CHESS Connect has been providing professional recruitment and support to local businesses. Our services are tailored to align with the goals of your organisation, designed to support workplaces that are sustainable, growth orientated and inclusive.

CHESS Connect – We Connect with Community, We Connect with Business, We Connect with People.