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We would love to share with you a good news story from our Partners in Recovery Program. This story comes from CHESS staffer and PIR Support Facilitator Deb Snow who recently supported a client into housing and community engagement. Here is a short rundown from Deb that outlines the important work that she and others in the PIR program are doing right now for vulnerable members of our community.


A male, mature aged client who was part of our program was secondary homeless (couch surfing.) Recently, we sourced an arrangement with a local Sportsground and Campground Community Committee. After meeting with the committee president and committee members and it was decided that our client would be caretaker of the grounds. In exchange he would reside in a newly built 2 bedroom residence onsite.

Our client has previous groundsman experience in Aged Care facilities so this arrangement is good fit for all. We are pleased that this position so closely matches our clients capacity and skills. This arrangement will give him purpose and inclusion whilst also meeting his housing needs.

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The PIR program improves pathways to community services and supports, enabling recovery-focussed systems of care that nurture sustainable independence for participants. For more information on these services visit our website HERE