Partners in Recovery

Partners in Recovery (PIR) is a collaborative service that assists people to recover from a range of long term, complex problems associated with severe and persistent mental illness.

How to Access/Eligibility

To be eligible for Partners in Recovery you must:

  • be under the age of 65, an Australian citizen or holder of a permanent or special protection visa
  • be experiencing severe and persistent mental ill health
  • have complex and unmet needs that require the service of multiple agencies
  • require substantial support and assistance to engage with various services
  • have no existing co-ordination arrangements in place (or are in place but not working)

What We Do

  • assess the support needs of each individual client
  • identify beneficial services and supports from multiple health sectors
  • refer and connect clients, carers and families with required services
  • support and strengthen a person’s own efforts towards recovery
  • help to recognise and address barriers to recovery

Why CHESS Connect?

CHESS Connect has over 20 years’ experience working with local people living with severe and persistent mental health conditions. We have strong and established connections with existing community services, improving your pathways to support and enabling recovery-focused systems of care.