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CHESS Connect CEO Paul Kelly published an open letter in the newspaper highlighting the importance of supporting mental wellness in the workplace.

To our business community,

Depression and mental health issues have been top of mind lately in business circles. We have seen the impact of poor mental health not only in the home environment but also within the workplace.

Mental illness does not discriminate. It can affect anyone in our community regardless of age, background or occupation. Unfortunately, negative and sensationalised perceptions surrounding mental ill health issues can lead to people trying to manage on their own and not seek the support they need. People will often disguise a mental health issue because of the fear of stigma.

The cost of not effectively addressing mental health issues in the workplace is steadily rising. Untreated mental health conditions cost Australian employers at least $10.9 billion every year through absenteeism, reduced productivity and compensation claims.

The good news is that early signs of someone not coping can be detected in the work place. With more and more people going public and sharing their mental health experiences we are further encouraged towards open discussion and action on these issues.

Having an open and informed workplace culture that supports mental health is good for business. Studies show that every dollar spent on effective mental health action in the workplace returns $2.30 in benefits to the organisation.

We want to emphasise to anyone experiencing depression or mental health issues that you are not alone and there are services and people you can contact for support.

Mental health is everyone’s business.

For immediate support you can contact: beyondblue on 1300 224 636.


As experts in the mental wellness and recovery fields, CHESS have developed strategic services and workshops to help support mental wellness in the workplace. Our Mentally Healthy workshops are tailored assist business leaders and employers to collaborate with staff to recognise simple, concrete actions to identify and address mental health issues in the workplace. Contact us on the form below for a free consultation.