NDIS Autism Spectrum
I recently met with a younger

NDIS participant on the Autism spectrum

and was reminded of the importance of the work we do as disability support workers.

Wading through the bureaucracy, endless form filling, phone calls and appointments it’s easy to forget about the core reason for the NDIS’ existence. As a provider you get caught up in the day to day. Coordinating support workers, making sure customers receive the very best service, organising finances, all this and ensuring that everything dovetails with NDIS requirements. With such a focus on the mechanics of providing NDIS services it is easy to lose sight of why we do what we do as disability support workers and mentors.

This week I experienced a wonderful reminder of why the NDIS is really one of the most profound social reforms of our time. I recently met with a younger NDIS participant on the Autism spectrum who was also experiencing anxiety and depression. The meeting was to introduce our primary support worker and to ensure that the participant and his mother were comfortable with the match. The CHESS worker had similar interests to the young man, boat building, mechanics and computer games. The worker also attended the local Men’s shed as a mentor. During this initial meeting I watched on as the CHESS worker and young man started chatting easily, exchanging gaming tips and arranging to participate together at the Men’s shed. As the meeting progressed I witnessed the young man’s mother visibly exhale with relief as she understood she had finally found a trusted support to provide mentoring and guidance to her precious son.

Seeing this had a positive effect on me also. I was able to take a breath, step back and acknowledge the part we play as NDIS service providers in enabling people with disability to live the strong life they choose and to participate actively and fully in their community.

Names and images of clients not used to protect privacy

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Photo by Jonathan Safa on Unsplash