over 50 looking for work

Are you over 50 and looking for work

Has it been a while since you went on a job interview? Or a few years since you dusted off your resume?

Re-entering the workforce as a mature aged worker has its challenges, especially if you’ve been out of the game a while, or you’re worried about competing against younger jobseekers.

Take confidence that you have a lot to offer and a wealth of experience to draw upon. It’s this experience, partnered with your skillset that employers are looking for.

Why workers over 50 make great employees

Life experience is a great asset to many employers, and something that is only gained with time and maturity. Soft skills are highly sought after in today’s workforce. Valuable skills like conflict resolution, communication, autonomy and social skills are often found in mature aged workers.

How to apply for work as a mature aged worker


Know your strengths: Clearly outline the strengths and skills you can offer a new employer. This can be based on your professional or life experience.

Be confident: Communicate your value to an employer. If you’ve been out of the workforce for a time remember that you’ve been collecting valuable life skills you can bring to the job.

Talk to people: Word of mouth referral is a great way to find prospective employment. Use your network to find out if anyone is hiring. Contact old employers or colleagues to see if they know of any opportunities.

Upskill: Research training or courses in your area and online to see if you can brush up on your skills while you’re searching for work. Recent achievements are a good addition to any resume and will help get the attention of employers.

Find expert support: Contact a local employment services organisation to access valuable support in your search for work. Employment consultants can support you in a variety of ways. They can help to optimise your resume, hone your interviewing skills and connect you with likely employment opportunities

Keep at it: Looking for work is challenging, no matter how old you are. Stay positive and don’t be discouraged. The right position will come along.

Connect with our team to help you in your job search. Contact us today to find out how we can connect you with some great job opportunities in your area.

  • Our employment supports are designed to provide extra support to local people who experience barriers when looking for work. These include people living with disadvantage, injury, a health condition, disability or mental ill-health, including depression and anxiety.

    If you are unsure about your eligibility you can still enquire and a friendly team member will contact you for a confidential chat. You do not have to declare any type of disability or condition in our enquiry form if you don't wish to.


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