Port Macquarie local Rachael was in desperate need of a drivers licence. Without transport, and responsible for the care of two small children while her partner worked, Rachael felt isolated and lonely.

Rachael was in need of support, but driving anxious made her feel anxious and she was uneasy about the process of learning and applying for her licence.

As a mum with young kids, Rachael needed a safe and supportive environment to help her with her driving anxiety and connect her back into her local community. She was referred to CHESS Connect and commenced in the ParentsNext program with her mentor Katrina.

With Katrina’s encouragement Rachael started to take the first steps towards independence. With the assistance of the ParentsNext program she was provided with 3 free driving lessons and supported in the learning process.

Within 3 months Rachael passed her test and received her drivers licence.

Having access to independent transport has changed Rachael’s life dramatically. She has more freedom, flexibility and self-reliance. Now that she has her licence Rachael plans to enrol in the local TAFE and study to be a nurse. She’s able to drive her kids to play-dates and day care and get herself to TAFE and other appointments.

Rachael’s confidence and self-esteem has now greatly improved and she’s able to plan for the future.

“Without the support and encouragement of my mentor at CHESS Connect and the ParentsNext program I never would have got my licence.” – Rachael Kite

CHESS Connect deliver the ParentsNext program in throughout Taree, Hastings Valley, Kempsey and Coffs Harbour regions. Contact us today for more information on the program and how we can assist parents with young children.


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