Strong business means strong community.

It’s more important now than ever to look after the well-being of businesses and their staff.

Opportunities are developing in our region with investment in infrastructure, emerging export markets and growing demand for local goods and services. This is great news for business owners, managers and people looking for work in our community.

How can small business seize the moment and take advantage of developing opportunities?

A successful business that is vibrant and responsive to new prospects will make plans focussing on: customer management; strategy and planning; staff management; marketing; finance and operations as well as risk management.

How does a busy business owner get the time to plan for growth?

There are sources available through government agencies and business advisory groups. However, quiet often the first step is to look at your current workforce and evaluate what resources and skills are required to develop and implement business plans for growth and success.

Managing a business and leading people has changed significantly in recent years. Does your business have the digital capabilities to reach your customers? Who on your staff can utilise the technology driving today’s commerce? What about communication with customers of different ages and backgrounds?

The days of the business owners and managers being solely responsible for all this are long gone. It’s time to recruit and join the transformation journey of businesses and workforces! This is not only the first step for your business success but it will also benefit and enrich many of your customers and the community from which you recruit.

There are many ways to engage new employees. Flexibility, diversity and inclusion within your workforce can give you a competitive advantage that allows you to stay agile, in touch and give you the freedom to work on your business.

Recruit for Growth.

A business as usual approach will miss the current opportunities for growth and success that can be achieved here in regional New South Wales. Employees in the area are often more committed and will take the opportunity for training and development which can also be supported through programs and services available to small businesses.

Business owners should also not forget their own on-going learning and development to remain relevant and competitive. It all points to creating those roles in your business to allow for a focus on quality and expansion.

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