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Port Macquarie local Rylee was nearing the end of her high school education and hoping to find a job as quickly as possible after graduation. With the support of the Smart, Skilled and Hired Youth Employment Program she was able to be prepared and proactive in her job search and found work within just a few weeks of starting the program.

How did you hear about the Smart Skilled and Hired Youth Employment Program (SSH)?

A:I heard about the program through a friend of my mums. She heard it was a good opportunity for little bit of extra help finding a full time job once I finished school.

How long were you unemployed prior to joining SSH?

A: Only for a few weeks. My youth coach, Kelly, helped me to be proactive and apply to all sorts of positions before I finished school. This helped me find my job I am currently in now.

How did your Youth Coach at SSH help you with finding work?

A: Kelly was able to help me find my job by going through a list of things commonly asked questions during interviews. This helped immensely when it came time for my interview at St Columba Anglican School (SCAS) because I felt more calm then I would’ve had I not have gone over them.

How are you finding employment?

A:I love it here at SCAS! All the students are so friendly and the staff members are incredibly kind and helpful. It’s a wonderful environment to work in and I’m always excited to come to work.

Do you think the program is beneficial to other youth?

A: Most definitely!

What was your favourite aspect of working with SSH?

A: The friendliness and gentle nature of my youth coach, I couldn’t be more thankful.

The Smart, Skilled and Hired Youth Employment Program is a targeted initiative that aims to lift youth long term employment prospects. It is a voluntary program for young people aged 15-24. Young people aged 15-24 years are among those who experience higher than average levels of workforce disengagement such as underemployed or not in the labour force.

CHESS Connect delivers the program throughout the Hastings Valley, as well as Clarence Valley and the Coffs Harbour region, in partnership with our Network Partner CoAct Employment.

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