Our Partners in Recover (PIR) services assists people to address challenging issues that affect the local population. These issues include severe and persistent mental health issues and complex needs including financial hardship and homelessness.

The CHESS PIR team have an inspiring story to share. By sharing people’s success stories we hope to highlight the importance of these services in facilitating supports for vulnerable members of our community.

Here’s a wonderful example of how the collaborative approach Partners in Recovery promotes can change a life.


Like so many PIR participants Rex* lacked family support and was referred to PIR by the Mental Health Service as he was returning to the community after time in hospital. Unfortunately Rex’s home situation exposed him to some people who took advantage of his vulnerability by repeatedly entering his home and taking his money and belongings. Rex struggled to manage his mental health symptoms, experienced serious mental health relapses, and at times felt suicidal.

From Strength to Strength

With encouragement and ideas from his Support Facilitator (SF), Rex began to experience positive understanding and assistance from his GP, employment services provider and Centrelink social worker. Rex learned to trust, and call on the police if he needed help. He began to feel that he had a team of people working together to help him achieve the safe, calm life he was seeking. The SF also introduced Rex to a financial worker from Moneycare (Salvation Army) who he met with a number of times to learn how to stabilise and safeguard his financial situation, which was a priority for him.

Rex was in a complex tenancy arrangement with Housing NSW (FaCs) who understood, and tried hard to respond to his request to be relocated to a safer place. The PIR SF worked closely with Rex and Housing NSW who eventually suggested he consider a small boarding house in another town. Rex felt that the safe, monitored environment was exactly what he needed, and quickly established himself in the new community, updating services with his new details. Handover and transition to a new local SF occurred smoothly so Rex would have the same co-ordination assistance available as needed. The new SF reports that his supports with PIR, financial counselling and mental health services have been virtually unbroken and he is nearly ready to work on regaining contact with his child.

The Right Services at the Right Time

This story shows how services can come forward at the right time and work together in a co-ordinated way to provide opportunities for a person to go forward in their recovery.

It also demonstrates the unique, important PIR ‘facilitation’ role. The SF and Rex ensured all services understood that others were also involved. Rex learned from PIR how to work effectively with multiple services while still determining his own priorities and decisions. The PIR SF didn’t provide direct or solo support. Instead, she worked alongside Rex to ensure that opportunities he would respond to were made available and that he developed the skills to access a variety of services to rebuild an independent life in a recovery-oriented way.

*Because of the sensitive nature of the work we do within the community, we publish our Good News Stories anonymously and use aliases when referring to participants.